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Importance of Using a Social CRM Software


Social media platforms have evolved into mature marketplaces where businesses are constantly finding new avenues to strengthen their relationship with existing and prospective customers’. Integrating your customer relationship management system with different social media platforms can deliver unimaginable benefits that you could have never achieved from the traditional customer relationship management processes. The social CRM software notifies you of what your customers are sharing about your brand, on which platform, and when.

You can get crucial information related to your brand and customers’ on one single dashboard that presents real-time data after crawling through millions of web sources. Once you come to know of any post that requires your immediate attention, you can instantly engage with the customers and solve their grievance instantly. This way, your brand reputation management work can also be done simultaneously. If you have not used social CRM software for your business, then read ahead and understand why you should start using it at the earliest.

Get to know your customers’ better than before

If you want to serve your customers’ better and know what they think of your products/services, then using social listening tool is a must for you. You can easily get comprehensive social tools that serve the purpose of both a social CRM software and a listening tool as well. Customers’ often voice their view to share a positive or negative feedback about a particular brand through different social media platforms, so by knowing which customer is sharing what about your products, you will be able to better serve them, apart from getting the opportunity to know them better. You can take direct feedback, solve grievances, know what changes they want in your existing products, and much more.

Take informed decisions on the basis of real-time data and metrics

No matter how many robust strategically designed plans you develop for leveraging your social customer relationships, it will all go in vain if you don’t have real-time data and metrics to evaluate your brand performance. You can use premium social listening tools that also offer advanced analytics feature and give you an insightful data related to your entire social customer base. Whether you want to know your share of voice, positive reviews, negative reviews, feedbacks, demographic wise customer details or any other information you can easily get in on premium social CRM software.

Provide insightful information to your different departments for better work performance

With social CRM software by your side, your marketing department will be able to better understand the customers’ behavior which will enable the department to approach the customers’ in a better way. The customer service department can directly interact with customers on different social media platforms to directly take feedback from them or solve their grievance within the assigned TAT. Your customer service department can also use social media scheduler to schedule various posts on social platforms to build engagement and take feedback from them. Brand reputation management is done simultaneously along with seamless customer relationship management.

If you wish to develop a meaningful relationship with all your customers and develop a loyal community around your brand, then you cannot afford to overlook the importance of social CRM software. This intelligent software also has social media scheduler features, so that you can constantly engage with your customer’s even when you are on a holiday.

You should definitely try Konnect Insights, a premium social listening tool that is packed with powerful features of four different social tools. If you want to see how this intelligent software can leverage your business performance, then book a demo now and also apply for a 15 days free trial to understand the tool better. If you liked the blog and found it to be useful, then share it with your peers.

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