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Maintain a Strong Business Presence on All the Social Media Platforms with Konnect Insights


According to Statista, the total number of social network users worldwide was around 2.46 billion in the year 2017 and the number is expected to grow to an astounding 3.02 billion by 2021. The figures are enough to elucidate that social media platforms have become mature marketplaces that businesses should use to reach out to their target audience. Today, the need to create and maintain a strong social media presence on different social platforms has become mandatory, as if you don’t use social media to engage with your customers or market your brand, then you are sure to miss out big opportunities.

Konnect Insights is a smart feature-rich tool that incorporates powerful features of four different social tools. If you have been using platforms like Facebook or Twitter to market your brand, then Konnect’s robust Facebook analytics tool feature or Twitter analytics tool feature will surely give your social campaigns the much-needed boost to leverage your performance. If you don’t feel the need to market your products or services on social platforms, then it is time you should pause, rethink, and go ahead with creating a strong social media presence. You should consider the below-mentioned points to getting started on social platforms.

Boost your search engine rankings

Many enterprises don’t know this fact, but strong social media presence can actually help your brand dominate the first page of search engine results in the relevant category. By maintaining a strong social presence on different social media platforms you will not only attract organic traffic but will also develop better relationships with all your customers. The Konnect Insights social media management tool helps you achieve your desired goal in a more organized manner. Suppose, if you use Instagram to market your products to masses, then Konnect’s Instagram analytics tool features will evaluate real-time data and metrics and present the ultimate result on a single dashboard. This will help you understand whether your existing campaigns are going in the right direction or not.

Reach out to a wider audience in a cost-effective manner

The social media channels are comparatively less expensive marketing channels when compared to the traditional ones. Moreover, the later doesn’t guarantee a wide demographic coverage which is taken care of by the first channel. If you have been using the free social media analytics tool to evaluate the performance of all your online campaigns, then there are fewer chances that you receive 100% accurate and real-time data. But if you are using sponsored Facebook campaigns to reach out to a global audience and want to know how successful your campaigns became, then you will need elite Facebook analytics tool for it. Through social media, you can market your products to billions of customers at the same time. You can also use Twitter analytics tool to see your existing brand reach and the result of your Twitter campaigns to reach out to wider audience.

Generate quality leads

Millenials prefer trusting and purchasing products from brands that have strong social media presence. If you market your products on channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and various other social channels, then there remain higher chances of getting quality leads that will most probably buy your advertised product. You can use powerful analytics tool to know whether your online ads or campaigns are able to reap your desired results or not. Suppose, if you use Instagram, then you should use an Instagram analytics tool to evaluate your brand performance, as then only can you get to know the accurate results.

Instead of trying free social media analytics tool, you should try Konnect Insights comprehensive software that offers the features of four different social tools in one single product. You can book a demo to see how it works and also apply for a 14 day free trial to enjoy premium features at zero cost to understand the product better. If you found the blog to be useful, then do share it with your peers.

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